Cultural Capital is dedicated to facilitating customers and service user’s success we go that extra mile to ensure we can meet the needs of those we work with.

All our programs and initiatives are developed around a strong ethos of support and a robust structure of delivery that puts our customers’ needs at the forefront of delivery. The organisation is supported by a passionate and committed professional team who share the organisations principles and objectives and incorporate a proactive approach to facilitating meaningful long-term outcomes for all of our customers and clients.

Meet The Team

Zakeer Patel
Operations Manager
Mehdi Hassan
Youth Engagement Manager
Komal Iqbal
Youth Engagement Mentor
Jeni-Marie Pittuck
Youth Engagement Mentor
Saleem Aslam
Quality & Compliance
Irum Imran
Senior Administrator
Sara Anderson
Internal Quality Assurer
Abrar Dadu
Aamir Shahzad
Marina Mir
Tutor & Assessor