Providing Quality College Mentoring Services

We deliver industry leading mentoring programs, with Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) qualified mentors at the centre of that delivery. Working with some of the largest education providers and community groups throughout London, we support young people aged 15-24 who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) and those who are at risk of becoming so.

We have developed a reputation for delivering dynamic programs that go the extra mile, providing opportunities in sustainable forms of education and training for those who are in the most need of our support. We go beyond our contractual obligations, with a focus on impactful outcomes and personalised support.

We also work with schools and colleges to support young people who are in need of social, emotional and academic support. Our programs offer the following:

  • We deliver European Social Fund (ESF) and Skills Funding Agency contracts to the highest level
  • Designated mentors to support young people on the program throughout the entire academic year
  • Regular one-to-one and group-based support, including emotional, social behavioral and academic support.
  • Provide optimum emotional and behavioural support to individuals to overcome barriers to learning and support individuals to access additional college services and external support as appropriate
  • Access to a qualified therapeutic counselor
    A package of financial support for each young person to facilitate workshops, training, educational and enrichment activities, materials and equipment
  •  Develop and deliver activities and workshops
    to facilitate learning, and experiences to develop an individual’s
    employability skills 
  • Provide impartial advice and guidance
    regarding career pathways to individuals through developing their leadership
    skills and planning future career moves.
  • Pathways and support into employment training and apprenticeships

We deliver tailored and specific mentoring and Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to each individual learner to help build their resilience and confidence and build on key skills they may feel they need to work on. Each learner will complete a SWOT analysis which allow us to track each student’s progress throughout their time with us. We go beyond our contractual obligations, with a focus on impactful outcomes and personalised support by ensuring our presence in the college during the whole academic year; allowing our students to access our support as and when needed.

We believe that students should not only achieve well within their studies but should also have access to understanding topical issues and learning what we feel are key life skills.

We have a catalogue of 19 different workshops that we deliver ranging from Consent to Financial Management.

  1. CV Workshop – the group workshop will be followed up with one to one sessions to complete your CVs.
  2. Interview Techniques
  3. Relationship Education
  4. Mental Health Awareness
  5. Financial Management
  6. Body Image
  7. Alcohol Awareness
  8. Public Speaking
  9. Discrimination & Harassment
  10. Bullying including Cyber Bullying
  11. Core Values
  12. Confidence Building & Motivation
  13. Substance Misuse
  14. Know Your Rights – Stop & Search
  15. Conflict Resolution
  16. Choices – Gangs and Knife Crime
  17. FGM
  18. Sexual Health
  19. Personal Safety

We are able to deliver wellbeing support to students suffering from a host of various difficulties during their time as a students. We advocate mindfulness and produce personalized wellness plan that focuses on specific areas students may need help with. We work with local authorities, CAMHS, IAPT and local organisations to ensure that we are delivering comprehensive and up to date support for those in need.

As a company we value the mental health and wellbeing of our students and staff of utmost importance. We recognise the difficulties in accessing many counselling services due to high demand and so employ a qualified counsellor as part of our delivery team. Our counsellor is BACP registered and follows the BACP code of ethics.

We work closely with student services to provide a wrap-around service to ensure that our learners fell fully supported during their studies. We will liaise with outside services to ensure their individual barriers to learning are being addressed to ensure their academic potential is enhanced. Barriers such as immigration, social services, LGBTQ and housing to name a few.

As a company we acknowledge that a student’s journey throughout their academic year will not always be smooth sailing and unfortunately they may come up against challenges and difficult times. Our mentors are there to provide support and guidance during these challenging times to help students overcome those barriers.

An integral part of the support that we deliver involves working with some of the most vulnerable students within the colleges. We recognise that we often will have to act as their voice and advocate on their behalf. This is to ensure that they are receiving the highest level of statutory service and that they are set up with the best possible platform from which to learn from.

Being autonomous from the colleges it puts our services in a unique position in which we can truly represent and advocate on behalf of our learners within and outside of the college. This allows us to be impartial and gives us the best possible platform from which to work from. Allowing our students to be at the heart of every decision made on their behalf.

We put extra focus on employability skills as we recognise that employment is the eventual goal for all of our students. We offer support in creating CV’s and help our students with interview skills and techniques. We support students to both look for jobs and complete job applications.

Our mentoring programme is designed to ensure that every student has the ability to progress into the area that they desire be it employment, education or apprenticeship. Towards the end of the academic year we make sure that none of our students fall through the net and all have a positive destination.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our students complete their academic year. This will include helping our students with revision plans and techniques regardless of their level. In some cases where students are struggling mentors will go through, set homework and break down modules and units to help students’ to have a greater understanding of their subject. Some of our students do come up against deadline pressures and exam stress and our mentors are here to help them work through that.

We work closely with the college enrichment team to ensure that all students have access to getting the most out of their college life and enhance their life skills and learning.