MI – Success Story

Backdrop MI was referred to Cultural Capital for support by one of the college’s student support staff. MI lived at home with her mum and had discussed with me her family situation. MI’s father had remarried and had an abusive relationship with her mother whilst […]

HJ – Success Story

Backdrop HJ was enrolled onto a performing arts course and wanted to attend Drama school after college. HJ joined the Cultural Capital programme in the autumn as she was struggling to cope with all the work and her attendance started to drop. I arranged to meet […]

DBJ – Success Story

Backdrop DBJ is a 16 years old young woman studying Travel & Tourism. Following on from our Mental Health Workshop she was referred to us for support as she was suffering from stress and anxiety. DBJ currently lives with her mother primarily but her father […]

AP – Success Story

Backdrop AP is an 18 years old young person currently studying BTEC L3 Extended Diploma in Business. AP is currently living with his sister, but he is sleeping on the floor as there is no bed for him. His sister is also not in a […]

TP – Success Story

Backdrop I met TP in September when he came to Student Services office looking really upset. I approached him to ask if he was ok. TP broke down in tears. He disclosed that he had been suffering from seizures for a number of years as […]

AK – ESF Case Study

The Activity was established for AK early in the academic year when a leading member of staff referred AK and other members of the institute to be signed up to a preventative NEET contract in the hopes of retaining the students in education at the […]

AM – ESF Case Study

Participants Starting Situation The student AM was referred by his tutor to cultural capital where AM would be supported with some of the issues and challenges he had been facing. AM is an ESOL Student and a looked after young person in care. AM was […]

NN – ESF Case Study

Participants Starting Situation NN was referred to Cultural Capital mentoring team as his tutor had real concern about his behavior and welfare. NN has a fractured relationship with his mother hence doesn’t want to stay at his mother. NN was arrested for the possession on […]

KD – ESF Case Study

The activity was established in the first academic term, the course is being funded by ESF, the aims and objectives of the activity is to give support to students so they are able to remove their barriers to learning and ensure intervention is put in […]

AAT – ESF Case Study

The Cultural Capital Mentoring program is funded by the ESF to allow registered students to access available academic support in the form of various relevant workshops based around current issues college students are/will face and one to one confidential mentoring sessions. The one to one […]