MI was referred to Cultural Capital for support by one of the college’s student support staff. MI lived at home with her mum and had discussed with me her family situation. MI’s father had remarried and had an abusive relationship with her mother whilst they were married.

MI has 3 older brothers, 2 who are married and have very little contact with MI and her mother, and 1 who is at University and MI has regular contact with.

MI was on her second year of a level 3 Beauty course when her mum was rushed into intensive care with a lung disease in November 2016. MI was staying with her mum in the hospital all night and coming into complete her course.

During the middle of the night MI’s father and 2 men broke into her home and physically assaulted her whilst destroying her home. They sprayed a chemical at her and she passed out. MI’s dad and the 2 men were arrested and are now in prison.

Making Progress

I arranged to support MI and set up regular 1 to 1 meetings with her where she could talk to me and share her concerns.

MI was at risk of dropping out of college a number of times and I would encourage her to keep on attending and ensuring her that completing the year would be best.

MI mother was taken to a hospital in her home country South Africa where MI visited. MI mother passed away whilst she was there.


MI completed her course and decided to apply for a higher level next year.

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