AP is an 18 years old young person currently studying BTEC L3 Extended Diploma in Business. AP is currently living with his sister, but he is sleeping on the floor as there is no bed for him. His sister is also not in a position to provide for him financially which is having an impact in his well-being and learning. AP is desperate for support in exploring his housing options and finances. AP disclosed that in 2014 he was ‘kicked out’ of his mother’s house due to deterioration in the relationship between him and his mother’s husband. Since 2014 he has lived with his sister.

However she is not able to provide appropriately accommodate or support and consequently his needs are not being met. After initially living with his sister, AP moved in with his brother, for a period of 10 months, as his sister was unable to accommodate him and could not afford to support him. However, his brother has mental health issues and has been on tag and therefore in October 2015 he moved back to his sisters where he was living.

His sister is not able to accommodate him. She has a 2 bedroom flat, where her son and boyfriend also live. AP had been sleeping on the living room floor as there is no bedroom or bed for him. This has been going on since October 2014.

Making Progress

We contacted the social services for AP as a 17 years old young person should not be sleeping on the floor. We managed to negotiate with Social Services that AP should be housed somewhere appropriately. We also managed to secure an accommodation for him in a YMCA Centre where he has been currently living. We have also supported him to apply for financial support.


This action has improved his attendance and he has excelled in his course achieving D*DD in his course. We have supported him to do his UCAS application and he will be going to University in September 2017.

AP is a much happier person and confident that he will succeed in his future endeavors.

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